Parallax Scrolling - Its Not For Everyone

To scroll or not to scroll, that is today’s question! When the topic of parallax scrolling comes up, you’ll get mixed opinions. Some love the concept; others hate it, especially anyone who is a web copywriter, or a SEO ninja. From a designer’s perspective, parallax scrolling sites can be marvels, if implemented correctly. They are captivating, original, and can really make an impact, making you stand out from your competition. If you are new to the industry, or a potential client, who may not know what parallax scrolling is. Parallax scrolling allows images on a website to move at various speeds, on different layers, creating perspective and depth. An almost 3d effect. For an effective parallax scrolling website check out

Now you may have checked out the above link, or seen a parallax scrolling website and said “I want that, what’s the next step.” Hold on. Looks can be deceiving, and Parallax scrolling websites are not for everyone. Below are a few things to know before you implement a parallax scrolling web design.

Have Access To Good Photography

Photography plays a major role. If you do not have access to a photographer, and I don’t mean your uncle, or friend of the family business who owns a DSLR, parallax scrolling may not be for you. Let’s face it, what makes a lot of these types of sites impactful is the photography mixed with the technology. If you have a low budget for photography, or are using your iPhone for your website, parallax scrolling may not be for you. That does not mean you cannot move forward, it just means that your site may have a less than desired result.

You Plan On A Strong SEO Campaign

If ranking high on Google is important to you, and you plan on hiring an SEO ninja to optimize your site, you may want to reconsider parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling websites contain a lot of imagery; this can increase page load time. From what I have been experiencing, Google is not taking into consideration page load times when indexing your website. Google frowns on slow sites, and to be frank so do visitors.

Most parallax scrolling websites are only 1 page websites. By keeping your website only page, you are limiting the way your site is indexed. You will lose the advantage of multiple title tags, meta descriptions, and keyword optimization.

Parallax Sites Need A Storyboard

If you’re not willing to invest in time or money to have a storyboard created, and plan your content writing around this story to meet end goals, I would not recommend a parallax scrolling website. You can have great looking photography, a great looking website, but if it doesn’t flow or make sense, your missing out on the big picture. Visitors do not want to try and figure out the message you are trying to tell and will most likely leave before they come back. Unless your end goal is for visitors to say wow this is cool, and not convert? I would not recommend a parallax scrolling website.

Parallax scrolling does have its place in the market. I have seen brands such as Nike, Honda, Activate water, and many creative agencies leverage parallax scrolling to their benefit. It may even be a good fit for you. Just make sure you consult with a professional to access your needs and end goals. A Visual Identity consults all of its clients, to make sure they are getting a design that fits their budget, meets there goals, and in the end is a success.

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