Why Online Website Builder Wix is a Bad Choice

A Facebook friend of mine recently posted “Wix is AWESOME, if you need a website go with Wix.”

I thought it was a joke, was he kidding? Their templates look like they were created with Microsoft Word, customization is lackluster, and the sites are not SEO friendly, due to code bloat. How many times, have you done a Google search on a company, and it’s a “designed by Wix site.” NEVER.

Instead of starting a Facebook war with some guy, who claims to be my friend, I decided to use the post as ammo, and inspiration, for this blog post.

Now, the main problem I have with Wix or any other website builder, is that these tools set the expectation, that anyone can design and develop a website. Which is false. They also set the expectation that their templates can meet all goals and objectives, and they don’t. Every day, more and more individuals, and companies are hiring UX experts to make their website more valuable and user friendly. UX experts use a UCD process to make design decisions that will solve problems, and improve user experience. A process that I guarantee Wix doesn’t do, and can’t do.

If Wix could meet the above expectations, millions of dollars would not be spent yearly, to hire UX experts and companies to build out websites. Companies of all sizes would just go on a Wix plan. Companies are smarter than that. They know they need a product that will speak to their end users, they understand the importance of good user experience, and so should you.

The templates Wix offers are NOT professionally designed, with your end goals in mind; they are designed quickly, lacking creativity, and produced in large numbers, to give you all these options. They do this with as little money as possible thrown at the product. With all these options they are essentially fishing, for potential new clients and the templates are bait.

You may be thinking, “I’m running a small service, or mom and pop shop, I just need a basic site.” You’ve heard the phrase, “First impressions are everything”, right? Did you know that you have between 1-10 seconds to capture someone’s interest on your website before they move on to the next? If you’re offering a simple service, or are a mom and pop shop, its even more important that you think outside the box and make your website stand out. Your website may be the first and last impression you make with your customer. Over 50% of small businesses fail within 5 years. These businesses fail for all different reasons, but if your website does not meet your end goals, convert sales, you can be sure, yours will fail as well.

To add insult to injury Wix actually offers professional designer services. What this means is “We know our templates suck, but for a flat fee, well create you something better.” Just for laughs I did some research on the designers they hire to build out these sites and I want to show you this link CLICK HERE. With all due respect, this site appears to look like it was created back in 2001. So you can see that they are way behind the curve when it comes to cutting edge design.

Professional design is not art but a real process. A series of questions need to be asked, goals need to be established, and the design needs to meet these goals, be intutive, and have a great user experience.

If you or someone you know is thinking of using Wix, tell them "NO." Watch this short minute long video to see our web design process in action. You wont get this type of service from Wix.

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